Meet Whitney, a LYTE Scholar

LYTE has given me a strong foundation to build upon for the future. 

Simply put, without LYTE, Ursuline would be no where on my radar. I would be an entirely different person if LYTE had not helped me get into Ursuline, where I am excelling as a leader, scholar, and community member.  LYTE also led me to participate in the TeenSHARP college prep program, which has pushed me to build myself into the best college applicant I can be. One component of this is applying to selective college programs such as the Yale Young Global Scholars program, the Bucknell Academy Summer Experience, and the Youth Leadership Summit at the University of Chicago. I will be attending all of these programs this summer with substantial financial aid packages. 

I am unsure exactly where I want to attend college, but I plan to study in the Humanities field. I decided to focus on Humanities after studying race and founding my own support group for students of color at Ursuline called Undefined. In March, after receiving support from LYTE, I gave a TedX Talk on microaggressions which can be found here:

LYTE has never let me settle in any aspect of my life. With visits from Ms. Wes-lay, monthly check-ins, and skill building workshops, LYTE has truly pushed me to grow into the best version on myself. LYTE has given me a strong foundation to build upon for the future. 

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