LYTE Gives At-Risk Youths a Home

Stacks of paper form a solid border around Ankur Arya’s desk. The tests, quizzes and worksheets are filled with equations and bear the handwritten names of the various students who submitted them. To these kids, he’s Mr. Arya. Upon finishing school at Haverford College in 2012, Arya joined Teach for America for a two-year commitment.. read more

Students build rockets, cameras and bridges (oh my) at STEAM Week

Last week, students from Thomas Edison, Kuumba, Prestige and McCullough charter schools attended STEAM Week at the Charter School of Wilmington. Students from the schools are involved with Leading Youth Through Empowerment, a local nonprofit program that aims to increase access to top performing high schools for students from low-income backgrounds. The organization was founded. read more

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