LYTE Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

The LYTE program has truly been a blessing to our family with making the path to finding a high school assessable. The guidance given has been undeniably beneficial and has made the entire process very much doable and less stressful. This program has allowed us the opportunity to explore all programs and make the best possible choice and fit for our children. We feel truly blessed to be a part of the Lyte program. Thank you Mr. Arya for your time, help and dedication.

The Lyte Program was very beneficial to not only our son, but to our family. Mr. Arya’s commitment and passion towards our child’s success was unmatchable. The after school and summer program prepared our son for the test needed to enter the most elite schools in the state. Elijah will be attending The Tatnall School in the fall. The Lyte Program has opened doors that will forever change the course of his life!

The Leading Youth Through Empowerment Program has opened my child’s eyes to so many things. They allowed me as a parent to see that there are programs that are out here for all children. Destiny enjoyed going to Wilmington Charter and being able to see and work in a real lab area. With an acceptance into Tower Hill, I want to thank those who helped my daughter see her potential.

This program has helped my child in so many ways.
1. It taught my child.
2. It provided me with additional resources to support me with the costs.
3. It motivates my child to read more.

I appreciate the Leading Youth Through Empowerment Program because they have prepared my daughter for the high school placement test. They also provide tutoring after students have entered these schools. This is a wonderful program to help children that otherwise would not have this opportunity.

The Leading Youth Through Empowerment Program has helped to broaden my child’s vision and opportunities available to him. My child also enjoys participating in the program. I find that this program has helped to boost my son’s confidence as well. Thanks for the hard work you put in, it is not taken for granted.

Student Testimonials

It was really hard work. I had to stay after every day for about 2 hours working hard. But it was worth it. I really appreciate the program; it helped me get into Tatnall.

I chose the program because I wanted to go to one of the top high schools. All of my family hasn’t gone to a top school like I have. I am the first in my family to go to Tatnall, everyone one else has gone to Vo-Tech Schools. They said ‘yeah you should do it, it will be very good for you to go to a top school.

I think this is a great program. It will help throughout my high school years. If I hadn’t done this and I just went to Tatnall I think I would be struggling way more than I have. In the beginning of the year I was kind of iffy but now I am steady and I feel confident in what I am doing.

I think the program really helped on the transition that I’m going to have to make from middle school to high school. I know that everything is not going to be the same it’s going to be much more difficult.

Just don’t think about all the work you have to do, just do it. Later on when you go to high school it’s going to get more important. I’ve heard so many stories about high school being hard from some of our kids that have left. Mr. Arya really pushed me and helped me when we I going through the program.

I like that they help us get better in all of our subjects and they push us to achieve our goals. And I think it helps people because they actually know their full potential and try to work to it to get to high school and college.

I would describe our class as determined and energetic. It feels like you can get your work done and still enjoy the whole class.

You have to keep that mind set I can’t give up now because I want to get there in the future. It’s like you need to have a goal or plan in mind and take baby steps to get there.

Partner School Testimonials

In the city of Wilmington there is a dire need for educational outreach. The LYTE program has taken on the Herculean task of working with underprivileged students to help them reach not only their academic potential, but their human potential as well. At Tatnall, we are proud to partner with LYTE program, and are excited to have enrolled our second scholar this year. These students come to us confident and goal-oriented, prepared for a rigorous academic environment, and ready to take on the world!

St. Elizabeth High School has been blessed to partner with Leading Youth Through Empowerment (LYTE). Thanks to the efforts of LYTE, especially Mr. Ankur Arya, numerous LYTE graduates now call St. E home. These students are bright, capable, respected and driven to reach success in all areas of their lives. St. E is truly fortunate to have these scholars in our Maroon and Gold Family.

The LYTE program is a priceless initiative. Adult and teen volunteers mentor and tutor talented students and organize school visits, field trips, and summer programs. The directors search for advanced curriculums for their programs and are familiar with Delaware’s high school landscape because they are constantly building relationships. The LYTE program helps scholars apply to area public and charter high schools through and assists with the independent and parochial school’s admissions process as well. LYTE scholars who visit The Charter School of Wilmington are inquisitive, well-spoken and do not shy away from using our Phenom Scanning Electron Microscope, an instrument typically found in college. We are excited with the new group of scholars who will be attending CSW this fall and expect them to transition smoothly into our program.

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